Four content design approaches

I’ve been observing and thinking about the different approaches to content design that content designers take when talking to subject matter experts. I’ve grouped these into four different types. Totally unscientific and subjective but this is how I categorise the different approaches in my head. Of course, we’re not all completely one thing or anotherContinue reading “Four content design approaches”

The benefits of running a content design workshop

We’ve run many content design workshops over the last couple of years and have found them to be a really useful thing to do. They may (and should) take a while to plan and prepare for but the benefits long-term can’t be underestimated. They can: reduce confusion about what exactly content design is get buy-inContinue reading “The benefits of running a content design workshop”

What can content design learn from the Royal Navy?

Late last year, a blog post was published about the Royal Navy’s new design system, NELSON standards. Being a former member of the Royal Navy and a content designer too, this was right up my niche. I started to think about how my time in ‘the Andrew’ had influenced my content design principles. At itsContinue reading “What can content design learn from the Royal Navy?”