The benefits of running a content design workshop

We’ve run many content design workshops over the last couple of years and have found them to be a really useful thing to do. They may (and should) take a while to plan and prepare for but the benefits long-term can’t be underestimated. They can:

  • reduce confusion about what exactly content design is
  • get buy-in for routines and processes
  • allow people to raise objections and fears to any new process early on, so they can be tackled in the open
  • turn lukewarm stakeholders into passionate advocates
  • start to form a viable community of content designers.

I’ve mainly run them to mark the start of an organisation’s first steps into content design or just after they’ve hired their first content designer(s). This is because there’s a need to educate the rest of the organisation and get buy-in before content designers can just fly right into it, especially if the people they’ve hired are relatively junior. The work of a content designer is way more effective if they have senior people in an organisation who understand and value what they do on their side.

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