Content design course

People doing a workshop in office

FutureLearn have launched an introduction to content design course in partnership with Government Digital Service (GDS).

The course is well put together with plenty of practical examples and is free too (although if you pay £52 you get extra tests and a certificate).

It runs over 4 weeks and covers:

  • content design as a profession, including what content design is, what a content designer does and the skills they need
  • a focus on users, including accessibility, user needs, user research, journey mapping and prototyping
  • producing good digital content, including using plain English and structuring content to make it easy to understand and navigate
  • improving your content, including managing the content lifecycle, and how to use data to improve and iterate content and influence stakeholders
  • improving your career, including understanding the different roles within product teams and joining a content community

It’s mainly for new content designers but it’s a really useful resource to point anyone in your organisation to although it is mainly focused on GDS content.

Would recommend to anyone interested in user-centred design, not just those who want to be content designers.

– Course participant

The course introduction video is below.

Introduction to content design course video

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